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Our olive groves are managed organically, and are naturally covered with grass: this is an agricultural practice that helps reduce soil erosion, improve the structure of the soil, and attract insects that aid plant defences. During the year, the covering grass and vegetation is cut a number of times to contain it and limit competition for nutrients and water. Organic fertilisation is performed in the winter months in order to produce the mineralisation of the nutrients required for flowering and the development of the olives. 


The trees are pruned annually in keeping with the natural vegetative and productive behaviour of the species, and the minimum quantity of vegetation necessary is removed so as to facilitate correct solar irradiation inside the crown of the olive trees, and above all to curb the alternation of production, and thus to avoid excessive differences between one year and the next in terms of production. Our olive trees are situated in cool, hilly locations, the ideal environment for growing olives without having to worry about crop protection.

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The olives are harvested at just the right time for all of their organoleptic qualities to be preserved, together with the greatest possible concentration of antioxidants. The harvest is carried out rapidly and the picked olives transported in well-aerated containers to the mill, where the olives are milled within twenty-four hours of being harvested. This enables the preservation of the freshness, fragrance, and flavour of the newly picked olives.

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Our solid craft traditions, together with the technological advances achieved over the years, enable us to extract our organic olive oil with methods that meet the strict quality, safety, and environmental sustainability standards established by the law governing organic production. Traceable raw materials and controlled, certified productive processes at all stages of production are our guarantee of authenticity.

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The care we take in packaging our organic olive oil reflects the thought that goes into its production. Our plants are at the cutting edge when it comes to both packaging and production systems and processes. The plant at Gualdo Cattaneo has been granted numerous certificates over the years, guaranteeing total food safety and control of the plant’s productive processes.

The details make the difference

Packaging materials are selected on the basis of even stricter criteria than those required by law; numerous migration tests are carried out in order to ensure that none of the materials that come in contact with the food are dangerous to human health. The presentation of a quality product in attractive packaging that highlights its characteristics means rendering it both appealing to consumers and easy to use.